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*Base prices, additional charges may vary depending on length, thickness and condition of hair and are subject to change upon consultation.

Hair Cuts

Cut & Style




Helix This cut is known for helping cut curl into your hair. The hair section is elevated straight up and cut straight across with a straight bladed shear. This actually leaves corners in the haircut.








Haircut Curly Hair is cut carefully where each ringlet will get trimmed individually, as needed. This method makes each individual customer end up with a one-of-a-kind haircut, letting your hair feel weightless and more manageable , plus less frizz. 





Shampoo & Style


Special Occasion





Partial Highlights


Full Highlights


Balayage Balayage is the technique of painting highlights onto the hair, creating a natural gradation of lightness towards the ends.This natural-looking highlighting technique is for all shades of hair.




Short Hair Foils


Special Treatment






Color Correction

$100 per Hour +


Hair 365 has a variety of hydration, nutrition and hair regeneration services, each designed for each type of hair.

Genoma is an ideal treatment for bleached hair that presents elasticity, breakage and excessive mistreatment. Its formula is rich in spirulina, sulfur, nitrogen and alpha-keratin.


Vello is a biomimetic treatment of breast milk that acts as a cellular fertilizer that increases oxygenation of the scalp, strengthens and nourishes the bulb to accelerate hair growth and increase its density. Colostrum is a powerful source of vitamins and proteins important for accelerated hair growth.


If your hair is fine, brittle and has lost strength due to chemical processes, hot tools or the action of time, Capillary Botulinum is the right option to restore youth to the fiber.


Texture Smoothing

Ybera Apple Stem Cell Smoothing Treatment
The ideal straightening for girls, pregnant women or very allergic people. Discovery combines natural straightening with DNA regeneration. Durability: 3-4 months!


Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy This Heat Activated Smoothing Treatments is designed to make your hair healthier and also eliminates frizz, increases manageability, repairs damage, and leaves the hair noticeably softer with luminous shine!


Keratin Express One hour Salon Service to reduce frizz, curl, and styling time for up to 6 weeks. Leaving your hair smooth and silky.


Classic/Spiral Perms


Facial Wax

Full Face 


Brow Wax 


Lip / Chin 


We ask for a 24-hour notice for all cancellations. No-shows will be charged the full service price. Credit card information is required when booking to guarantee all reservations.